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From Robert Koberg <>
Subject Re: Resources & Introspection
Date Sun, 23 Apr 2006 16:52:21 GMT

I don't know if this is of interest, but I have made some custom tasks 
and types for XSLT. (I would think these could be used to get a resource 
from a jar) - for example:

- SourceType (have implemented a XmlDomType) - create a top-level DOM 
(dom4j, JDOM, etc...) Document that can be used in multiple XSLT tasks. 
The reason was to avoid reparsing a common XML file for multiple transforms.

- TemplatesType - create a top level Templates object that can be used 
in multiple XSLT tasks. This type can also take a UriResolverType for 
both the factory (resolves xsl:import/includes) and the transformer 
(resolves document function calls)

- UriResolverType - can be assigned to a TemplatesType. I have 
implemented a FallbackUriResolver which allows you to set a default 
directory to look in first and if a file is not found, it falls back to 
an alternate directory.

Additionally I have made a Lucene indexer and search type. The search 
type can be assigned to a UriResolver where a can be used in the 
document function (document('fieldName: matchValue')) and get search 
results back as XML for use in the transform.

Of interest?


Matt Benson wrote:
> --- Antoine Levy-Lambert <> wrote:
>> Hello Matt and others,
>> I want to change the xslt task, so that the
>> stylesheet can be either a
>> regular file or a zip entry (or may be even any
>> resource).
>> This brings me to point : we do not have yet a
>> syntax to generate
>> resources from attributes, do we ?
>> My dream :
>> <xslt in="somedata.xml" out="someresult.html"
> styleresource="zip:file:foo/bar/!alpha/beta/style.xml"/>
> No! It was my dream first and you can't have it! :)  I
> agree wholeheartedly.  IIRC myself, Stefan, and
> probably others took part in a discussion of this
> nature some time ago... though I'm too frustrated by
> my slow home internet connection to find the thread
> ATM.  Maybe we can get some momentum behind this.  I
> think the simplest approach would be to default to
> file; but let the colon-delimited prefix represent a
> defined type in the project, e.g. file, url... and
> look it up.  At the time I believe I was able to
> convince Stefan that this belonged in
> IntrospectionHelper; sounds like you agree.
> -Matt
>> which would mean of course take from foo/bar/
>> the entry
>> alpha/beta/style.xml and use it to transform
>> somedata.xml into
>> someresult.html.
>> Any ideas ?
>> Regards,
>> Antoine

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