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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [VOTE] Promote the antunit antlib out of the sandbox
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 20:06:01 GMT
In accordance with section 4.6 of the antlibs subproject charter, an
antlib needs a PMC majority to be accepted as a "proper" antlib.
Majority means at least 3 +1s and more +1s than -1s (section 4.7).

Each Antlib also needs at least three committers with at least one PMC
member among them.  If you vote in favor of the promotion, please
indicate whether you want to become a committer on the antlib.

This is the vote for the antunit antlib that can be found in the
sandbox/antlibs/antunit subdirectory.  This lib provides an antunit
task that runs build files as unit tests as well as a bunch of
assertion tasks and a simple listener in the style of the plain JUnit

The concept of build files as unit tests was inspired by seeing Steve
and Matt use it in Ant's core - where the JUnit testcase only became
the driver and all assertions happened in the build file itself.

The way antunit works is again heavily influenced by JUnit.  Targets
whose name starts with "test" are tests, a "setUp" target will be run
before each test and a "tearDown" after each test.

OK, the ballot

Shall the .NET antlib be promoted?

[ ] Yes (i.e. +1)
    [ ] and I want to become a committer to it
[ ] No

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