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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Global reply (Re: [VOTE-REPOST] Promote the Antunit Antlib out of the sandbox)
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 05:16:56 GMT
On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Kev Jackson <> wrote:

>> The .NET tasks also have mono support; you can build this stuff on
>> a unix box, the goal being that gump will do mono code too.
> Is that actually one of the goals of gump, to build Mono code?

Gump's goal is to build as much of the ASF software as possible - and
OSS software beyond the ASF as well.  Gump already builds a bunch of C
projects (APR and HTTPd) and also NAnt as a first step towards
building .NET apps - the ASF already has some with Log4NET probably
being the most prominent one.

Since all our Gump installations are on Unix(-like) systems, Mono
plays an important role here.  Gump does not (yet?) build Mono itself,
even though that probably would be possible (albeit time consuming).

One other goal of Gump would be building Java projects on a wider
variety of Java VMs.  We currently do Sun's JDK 1.4 and Kaffe.  We
should be doing JDK 1.5 and Mustang and I'd really like to give
IKVM.NET on top of Mono a try one day as well.  The main problem is
the amount of resources (both computing and human) needed to support


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