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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject AntUnit (was Re: XmlProperty, AntUnit, questions)
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 05:17:27 GMT
On Tue, 01 Nov 2005, Dale Anson <> wrote:

> A quick google found them in the Ant Sandbox area as AntUnit.  Would
> it be acceptable to submit a patch to a core task that included a
> unit test that uses the AntUnit library?

Hard to say since this sandbox is still potentially one that doesn't
get traction and may be dead at one point in time.  As soon as antUnit
becomes a proper Ant library I'd support using it for tests in core as

> And last question, for Stefan -- Do you want any help with AntUnit?


See, I've been swamped with a new job and I'm still pretty much
struggling to keep my level of involvement with Ant on a level that is
acceptable to me.  Technically all three sandbox libraries have been
up for "promote or remove" last months and since neither of them has
so far attracted other committers, "remove" would be the likely

So yes, everything that adds support by others to any of the sandbox
libraries is very much welcome.  I just can't promise I'll be quick
with applying patches (yes, Kev, I still have your svn patch on my
TODO list).

> I see you've set the compatibility level for Ant 1.7.

Mostly because I lack the time to ensure 1.6.5 compatibility, but also
since I want to support 1.7 features as soon as I can.

> I commented out one line so I can run it with Ant 1.6.5.

Good to know.  We can do as I did with the .NET library, create a
branch for 1.6.x compatibility.


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