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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: What to do with the .NET antlib
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 08:39:48 GMT
Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

>Hello Stefan,
>I wondered about the following :
>how does the .NET antlib relate to the .NET tasks already existing in
>Ant's codebase ?
>Sorry, now doing my homework. The .NET antlib contains
>    * dotnetexec <> - run a .NET
>      assembly that's in your PATH. You can chose the framework that is
>      going to be used - defaults to Mono on non-Windows platforms and
>      Microsoft's on Windows.
>    * nant <> - execute the NAnt build
>      tool.
>    * msbuild <> - execute the MSBuild
>      build tool, untested.
>    * wix <> - execute the WiX
>      toolset, untested.
>    * nunit <> - execute the
>      nunit-console.exe NUnit <> test runner.
>The existing .NET tasks are
>- csc    Compiles C# code   
>- vbc    Compiles VB.NET code   
>- jsharpc    Compiles J# files   
>- ildasm    Disassembles .NET executables and libraries   
>- ilasm    Assembles .il files   
>- wsdltodotnet    Generates .NET code (C# or VB) from a WSDL file   
>- importtypelib    Imports a COM type library into .NET
>So the .NET antlib is a complement to the existing .NET tasks.
>I guess if there was a vote or a poll concerning the .NET tasks listed
>above, Stefan and Steve would also be interested in maintaining them,
>and it is unclear whether
>other committers would be interested too.
>So (b) is my preferred option.
>I would be interested to become a committer if I was using .NET myself
>in my project,
>which actually could happen.
>>Does anybody see any other options?
Perhaps merge the optional existing .net tasks into the .net antlib to 
provide people with one complete antlib, instead of having part in the 
antlib and part scattered in the core/optional?

With all the .net tasks together, it would be a fairly useful antlib I'd 


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