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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: AW: Global reply (Re: [VOTE-REPOST] Promote the Antunit Antlib out of the sandbox)
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 11:08:29 GMT

>> Given that there's already a NAnt for .Net development, and that 
>> Microsoft have decided to write their own build tool (MSBuild), I 
>> don't really see much point in having a .Net task for Ant.  I doubt 
>> very much that a pure .Net application would (and dev team) would 
>> install a JRE + Ant + .net antlib just to build their app, when:
>> a - using build tools anyway just isn't part of the Microsoft/.Net 
>> developer culture
>> b - there are other build tools available that don't require a JRE to 
>> be installed
>> c - one of these build tools has been 'blessed' by Microsoft
>> The only usefulness in the ant lib would come when developing a 
>> cross-platform/multi-platform app where you want to build everything 
>> with one tool in which case Ant could be used to build for example a 
>> server side component in Java and a client side component in .net
> 1.  we have had .net tasks in ant-optional since before .net shipped.
> 2. I have used them in production code, doing
>  -<importtypelib> to import a COM typelib to .NET binaries
>  -ildasm to disassemble that typelib to .asm file
>  -replaceregexp to patch the .asm file so that it imports arrays properly
>  -ilasm to import the  stuff.
> 3. I've also used the <wsdltodotnet> and <csc> to make the client side 
> code for a SOAP endpoint. The easier we make it for people to do such 
> interop testing, the more chance people will actually write web 
> services that work with multiple platforms.
ok can't argue with that

> The .NET tasks also have mono support; you can build this stuff on a 
> unix box, the goal being that gump will do mono code too.
Is that actually one of the goals of gump, to build Mono code?

> I agree, Ant wont get much traction in .NET land because they live in 
> their own world, a world with MSBuild if you follow the VS roadmap, 
> NAnt if you dont. But the .NET antlib is designed to shell out to 
> those build files, letting you build the different bits of your 
> project in the language of your choice.

ouch /me feels the pain!  Great rebuttal there, I can definitely see the 
need to keep it around :)


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