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From Craeg Strong <>
Subject Re: PROPOSE: Property Trace Facility For Ant?
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 22:42:35 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:

>Changing an interface is a no-no of course.
>So far I think I like #1 best, i.e. adding a few overrides to the log
>methods in ProjectComponent to support an additional category. I'm not
>sure we'd need hierarchical categories a la Log4J or
>java.util.logging. Makes it more complex, and we don't want to slow
>down Ant's logging.  --DD
Yes, I see that this kind of approach would be simpler.  How about the 

A) enhance the Property task to log a message when it sets a property, 
just like XmlProperty does, e.g.
(2 lines of code)

[xmlproperty] foo:MUMBLE
Setting project property: foo -> MUMBLE
 [property] foo:BARF
Override ignored for property "foo"

B) enhance PropertyHelper to log a message when it resolves a property 
in replaceProperties, e.g.
(1 line of code)

Retrieving project property foo:MUMBLE
                [echo] value is MUMBLE

The idea is that if you need to trace a particular property, say "foo" 
you can grep the -debug output.  Not bad...

There are several options for when to print the log messages:
1) make it happen in debug, which makes debug even more verbose
2) add logging categories, so property traces only show up when you ask 
for them
3) add a sixth logging category like MSG_TRACE which will include all 
debug info + property trace (and maybe more)

(buildfile follows)
<xmlproperty file="somefile.xml"/>  <!-- sets foo to MUMBLE -->
<property name="foo" value="BARF"/>
<target name="test">
  <echo>value is ${foo}</echo>


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