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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: AntUnit
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 15:44:46 GMT
--- Martijn Kruithof <> wrote:

> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> >I'd not be opposed against making antunit part of
> the core, but so far
> >it hasn't attracted enough committers to even leave
> the sandbox.  And
> >the six months probation time is over, BTW.

FWIW, my feeling is that AntUnit _is_ where we (at
least I) want to get to, and I would desire that it be
exempted from the probation period on those grounds. 

> >
> >Stefan
> >  
> >
> I think the using / maintaining by ourselves is more
> of a chicken and 
> egg problem
> - We do not really need it for our "outside ant"
> activities
> - We cannot really use it for our "inside ant"
> activities as it is in 
> the sandbox.
> - We do not maintain it as we do not use it, and it
> is in the sandbox.

I agree 100% here.  Ant is the place to prove AntUnit.
 So do we make a build of AntUnit and include in
lib/optional in Ant core HEAD? (on another thread,
Martijn mentioned that we bundle a junit jar and
would/should handle AntUnit similarly; agreed, but
fetch.xml does have the capability to fetch the junit
jar as well)

> I am in favour of
> 1) moving antunit part of the core

+0... we should be able to move the artifact to
lib/optional and make the tests conditional as w/
current... obviously we should also make the AntUnit
test path in build.xml separate from the JUnit path,
so we can slowly move tests from the latter to the

> 2) start using this testing strategy by the tests of
> core.
> We sould only do 1 if we want to do 2 (and I think
> we want to do 2)

I know I do.  Basically more and more of us _have_
been using the au strategy, just without the
syntactic/semantic sugar it provides.  :)

> And we should only do 2 after we have done 1.
> If we start doing 2 I am sure there will be enough
> committers.
The current version of AntUnit probably has 80% or
better of the total test functionality.  I think our
tests rely less and less on log messages and more on
results, etc.  Log contents are probably the biggest
thing missing from au... we could write these, or just
change the logic of those tests (this decision might
require a vote).  But my point is that "enough
committers" shouldn't amount to much.  :)


> Martijn
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