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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Antlib autoloading
Date Tue, 13 Sep 2005 15:43:26 GMT
Matt Benson wrote:

> :) Jose Alberto, it seems that you and I have each
> contradicted ourselves during this discussion.  On
> issue (1) above, regarding collisions, your approach
> is to assume the user knows exactly what he/she is
> doing: e.g. the name of every task provided with every
> third-party distribution used.  My thinking was the
> opposite: a user might add things to Ant's classpath
> that conflict and would need to be informed when
> collisions take place.  THEN,
> on issue (3) above, your thinking seems to be the
> opposite:  we cannot trust that the user understands
> the difference between global and other namespaces,
> etc., in Ant, while the multiple antlib.xml approach I
> [shall we say "suggested but did not necessarily
> advocate"] seems to come from the perspective that the
> user can be given choices, from which we can infer
> that he/she would "know what they are doing."
> If we can satisfy both cases, so much the better, but
> if not surely we must all see that we should err on
> the side of caution (assume the user does NOT know
> everything)?

I would assume that tools like websphere or the IDE are happily sticking 
stuff in on the classpath, and that anything more we can do for 
diagnostics helps

1. something to examine a task: where it comes from, whether it can be 
instantiated etc

ant -diagnostics -task wsdl2java -namespace

2. something to examine a namespace

ant -diagnostics -namespace antlib:org.example.p1

3. something to catch when a task exists but the namespace is wrong.


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