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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: task namespaces
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 12:34:10 GMT wrote:
> Steve Loughran <> wrote ..
>>I have a build process that patches xsd files to deal with different 
>>interpretations of the ##other namespace between xerces and .net. nobody
>>understands namespaces consistently.
> yes and within the XML community the problems (with namespace interpretation) that xerces
and .net have with namespaces are well known.

are they? I didnt know till it was too late

> re XSD, i use it as a final format..generating it from RelaxNG/Schematron/XSLT when needed,
otherwise i dont touch the stuff.

yes, possibly the best move.

> I think Ant's approach to namespaces is realistic enough....though once u start embedding
Ant markup within other XML composite documents things can get tricky...of course we can just
transform to that last step then let Ant process...
> Ant of course rejects consuming anything other then what it expects....which gets irksome
after awhile but not really an issue.

I suppose there is nothing to stop us having a specific handler for 
unknown XML elements in targets or in project, with the default handler 
saying "this is unknown", but other configs handling it differently. 
Maybe it could be per-namespace instead, so if you want to add an RDF 
handler, that is your perogative. But we dont want to be a generic XML 
thing like cocoon, for that is their job.


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