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From James Fuller <>
Subject Re: FYI: document the code
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2005 10:49:17 GMT
Kev Jackson wrote:

> James Fuller wrote:
>> wrote:
>>> You know that we (for several months :) are discussing about
>>> autogenerating the manual.
>>> I think we should have an eye on one of the Apache Google Summer of
>>> Code
>>> projects - RefDoc.
>>> Maybe we could reuse parts or the whole of it.
>>> See
>> +1
> definitely +1
>> my only worry would be any dep on something as big as cocoon.... (though
>> current experience using native xml db eXist has been quite good, which
>> also uses cocoon)
> [OT]
> What's the database like?  I've never used a native XML format db
> (although I heard that DB2 has some pretty good native XML storage
> abilities)

eXist is great, also has a suite of Ant tasks (a bit flaky though
getting better).

>  :)

I think the approach needs to take into account several potential
upstream routes; xdoclet definately being one of them.

so the process could be;

Step 1: aggregate source

[source (xhtml)
source (docbook)
source (xdoclet)
source (rss/atom)
source (whatever xml)

we could create a pluggable arch and just do those that we are
interested in...and leave it to others to implement if they want.

Step 2: generate canonical Ant Doc format which should render something
in the browser so we dont have to go another transform step

Step 3: XSLT generates final format

what u think?


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