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From jerome lacoste <>
Subject Reusable ant tasks, a Java Command Line Interface library?
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 10:55:19 GMT
Hi all,

Something is needed to ease the running of command line programs in
Java. Several issues appear when using the official SDK Runtime#exec()
and Process: multiple exec() method to chose from, quotes handling,
lack of shell, no timeout management, input/output management…

Ant first solved the problem by creating a Commandline class some
years ago and a couple of helper classes to provide more functionality
on top of Runtime.exec().

These classes have been copied and sligthty forked in several projects
including plexus, maven2, cruisecontrol. To me that clearly denotates
its usefulness. So why not putting these classes available in a
standalone library?

Note: this is similar to the general idea Vincent Massol had ([1]) on
reusable ant tasks, with a focus on command line and process

As it is not practical to discuss this accross several mailing lists,
I wrote a proposal on my blog

If you want to help, please send me a mail or better write a comment
on the blog entry. If there are enough interest, I will create a
dedicated list.



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