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Subject cvs commit: ant/docs/manual tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt.html
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2005 07:34:02 GMT
jhm         2005/06/04 00:34:02

  Modified:    docs/manual tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt.html
  Create a link section so the tutorial is more printable.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.3       +13 -3     ant/docs/manual/tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt.html
  Index: tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/ant/docs/manual/tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.2
  retrieving revision 1.3
  diff -u -r1.2 -r1.3
  --- tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt.html	21 Mar 2005 18:14:21 -0000	1.2
  +++ tutorial-HelloWorldWithAnt.html	4 Jun 2005 07:34:02 -0000	1.3
  @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
     <title>Tutorial: Hello World with Ant</title>
  -  <meta name="author" content="Jan Mat&egrave;rne">
  +  <meta name="author" content="Jan Matèrne">
     <style type="text/css">
     .code { background: #EFEFEF; margin-top: }
  @@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
   <li><a href="#four-steps">Enhance the build file</a></li>
   <li><a href="#enhance">Enhance the build file</a></li>
   <li><a href="#ext-libs">Using external libraries</a></li>
  +<li><a href="#resources">Resources</a></li>
  @@ -189,12 +190,12 @@
   <li>it's from Apache :-)</li>
   <p>We store our external libraries in a new directory <tt>lib</tt>. Log4J
can be
  -<a href="">downloaded</a>
from Logging's Homepage.
  +<a href="">downloaded
[1]</a> from Logging's Homepage.
   Create the <tt>lib</tt> directory and extract the log4j-1.2.9.jar into that
lib-directory. After that we have to modify
   our java source to use that library and our buildfile so that this library could be accessed
during compilation and run.
   <p>Working with Log4J is documented inside its manual. Here we use the <i>MyApp</i>-example
from the
  -<a href="">Short Manual</a>.
First we have to modify the java source to
  +<a href="">Short Manual [2]</a>.
First we have to modify the java source to
   use the logging framework:</p>
   <pre class="code">
  @@ -307,6 +308,15 @@
   <p>This copies all resources (as long as they haven't the suffix ".java") to the
build directory, so we could
   start the application from that directory and these files will included into the jar.</p>
  +<a name="resources"></a>
  +    [1] <a href=""></a>
  +    [2] <a href=""></a>
   <p align="center">Copyright &copy; 2005 The Apache Software Foundation. All rights

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