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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: SVN repo?
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 08:36:15 GMT
On Thu, 12 May 2005, Kev Jackson <> wrote:
>>"Ant itself" still is in CVS.
> I thought that after 1.6.3 ANt was going to be moved into SVN
> (indeed part of the hurry for getting out 1.6.3 was to include the
> svn task so that other projects could start the move across), or am
> I mistaken?

Yes, you are mistaken.

Ant 1.6.3 does not include any svn tasks, they currently reside in the
sandbox/antlibs space in Ant's SVN repo.

We'll need to talk about what we want to migrate and into which
structure before we make the final transition.  This transition should
happen before we create a branch for 1.7 IMHO.

>>The URL is <>.
> Yeah I found that one by digging around on (I
> think that's the commiter one too, so I'm currently on

As a committer you really would need to use http*s*.

> So for now the main ant is in CVS, but the sandbox and antlibs are
> in SVN.



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