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From Mike Rettig <>
Subject Adding Jar support to the import task
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 16:56:17 GMT

Does the current import task support importing build xml's from jar
files? I haven't found any examples and the source doesn't look like
it supports this.

Can this be added? This would make creating reusable builds much easier.


<project name="my.project">
  <property name="dir.source" value="src/java"/>
  <import jar="lib/" file="buildfiles/default-build.xml"/>

I currently work on a large project that has about 30 different
builds. Reusing build files has been difficult. We already have a
system that allows us to publish and reuse jars across builds, so this
seems like the logical way to reuse the build files.

Ultimately, this seems like a reasonable way for people to build
standard build files to be distributed to the masses.  For instance,
you could do a maven clone as a set of imported build files from a

<project name="my.project">
  <import jar="lib/maven-clone-1.0.jar" file="buildfiles/default-build.xml"/>

I can provide help for developing and testing. The implementation
shouldn't be difficult.

Thoughts? Comments?


Mike Rettig

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