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From "Jack Daniel Kelly" <>
Subject Windows 98 does support long filenames in the batch for statement
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 10:13:12 GMT
When developing a batch script on an unrelated project, I ran into the
same problem as the one mentioned in the Ant manual:

Windows 95, Windows 98 & Windows ME Note:
  	On these systems, the script used to launch Ant will have problems if
ANT_HOME is a long filename (i.e. a filename which is not of the format
known as "8.3"). This is due to limitations in the OS's handling of the
"for" batch-file statement. It is recommended, therefore, that Ant be
installed in a short, 8.3 path, such as C:\Ant.

If you add the line

lfnfor on

to the batch script, it will cause for commands to use long file names,
but Windows NT/2K/XP will not understand this command and report an error,
but continute normally.

I am uncertain if this works on Win95, but I assume it works on WinME
since that came after Win98.


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