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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: report of ant holding on to thread refs in DemuxOutputStream
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:09:29 GMT
Phil Weighill Smith wrote:
> Perhaps you could use a ThreadLocal instead of the HashMap (if your mode
> of use is always to access/manage the output stream for the current
> thread)? The stored stream would be garbage collected when the thread
> "goes away".

mmm. ThreadLocals can be trouble in their own little way, too, but I see 
your point.

Having just looked at Thread; it doesnt (currently) override 
Object.equals(); equality is pointer based (as is #code). I wonder if 
there is a way to use that.

Alternatively, an extension of WeakReference that caches hashCode and 
forwards equals() when to its referent (when not null) could be used in 
a WeakReferenceHashTable of our creation...

> Phil :n.
> On Mon, 2005-04-25 at 10:54 +0100, Steve Loughran wrote:
>>Forwarding bugrep from a friend. The implication is that  non-forked 
>>Java code can cause trouble
>>as the Demux logic hangs on to thread refs. I guess we could move to 
>>weakrefs and purge sporadically (how sporadically ?).
>> > We finally got to the bottom of the problem by switching to IBM's JVM
>> > and Heap Analyzer tool.
>> >
>> > It turns out that when a java task is running within Ant's JVM (i.e. not
>> > forked), System.out is redirected to an Ant class called
>> > This keeps a HashMap which uses
>> > the Thread.currentThread()  as the key. Thus, a strong reference is kept
>> > to each Thread object that has ever written to System.out  (e.g. the
>> > java logging console handler). There are certain bursty client
>> > access patterns that cause Jetty of be continually varying the size of
>> > the its thread pool, by killing old threads and the later creating new
>> > threads. Put these things together and you have a problem! The Weak
>> > References also come into it, somewhere....
>> >
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