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From Yves Martin <>
Subject Launching Ant again
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 15:06:47 GMT


 I'm facing a difficult issue in my build system development.

 The b.s. generates a 'build.xml' from a 'project.xml'.

 When invoking a target 'compile' (for instance) in the current 'build.xml',
 the 'build.xml' may be out-of-date compared to the 'project.xml'.

 Here are the possibilities I imagine:

 1- fail with a clear message asking for a manual configuration and a new run.

 2- configure to update build.xml and fail asking for a new run of the same

 3- configure, reload Ant Project from the new 'build.xml' and go on with the
    new project

 4- configure, give up current Ant processing, invoke a new Ant on the new
    'build.xml' with the same command line

 Is case '3' really feasible. If yes, how can I do ?

 I'm almost sure case '4' is feasible. But how can I get the current process
 command line to invoke a new Ant ?

 Is there another way to do the complete process or only one step ?
 Thank you in advance for your help
Yves Martin

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