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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: How to supress output
Date Mon, 24 Jan 2005 12:26:29 GMT
Anderson, Rob (Global Trade) wrote:
> I have ClearCase. I can test it. Although I am not a committer, I have contributed tasks
and bug fixes. I was a little surprised by Steve Loughran's response to the bug report.
> Steve, Question: Does developer = committer ? Since the project is open source, isn't
anyone who contributes to the code a developer?
> -Rob Anderson

Sorry, yes, I am duly chastised. forgive me!

I guess I suffer from pent ill will to clearcase, as it is the only SCM 
system I am actually scared of. VSS I dont regard as real SCM, but when 
ClearCase starts playing up, your project can lose days of time, leading 
to the "get the virgin to sacrifice a goat" conversation with management 
(we needed the virgin so if the goat sacrifice doesnt cut it, we had an 
escalation policy). Or in my case, by cross mounting my PC's CC share 
from somebody elses system to get back at the data that CC decided I was 
unworthy of seeing.


(apparently using CC for Unix kernel development is even worse; if the 
kernel changed the filesys that morning, you couldnt see the SCM 
repository to get it back).

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