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From Martijn Kruithof>
Subject Re: Out of memory errors since recent changes.
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 21:38:33 GMT
I can see from traces I added to the code that thousands of 
are created via the |InheritableThreadLocal|, hundreds of them seem to be
never cleaned up, at the same time the number of threads remains more or 
constant. When rolling back the last two commits (local properties) 
tests runs again.

Kind Regards, Martijn

Matt Benson wrote:

>I usually update at least every morning, and I was
>running ant test yesterday evening... 20 hours ago,
>without this.  I would put the offending change
>sometime within the last 28 hours... also, it looks
>like an accumulation, rather than a problem with a
>specific test.  The most widely applicable code
>changes that have gone in are the Property stuff and
>the Reference Project... anyone have any ideas?
>--- Martijn Kruithof <> wrote:
>>I do not know what has been changed the last 44
>>hours, but somewhere in 
>>between a big memory leak has been caused.
>>build test fails with an OutOfMemoryError in:
>>FixCrLfTest on XP / 1.5.0 and on Linux / 1.4.2_06
>>ExecuteOnTest on XP / 1.4.2_06 and on XP / 1.3.1_13
>>BZip2Test on XP / 1.2.2_017
>>While, with exactly the same setup 44 hours ago
>>everything went fine. 
>>(Well there was an issue with 1.2.2)

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