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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Bootclasspath and external compiles (was Re: cvs commit: ant/src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/compilers
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2004 18:03:39 GMT
Does this need to be done for other forked tasks - junit, java for example?

Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>On 10 Dec 2004, <> wrote:
>+        // this is a quick hack to make things work in a
>+        // Gump/Kaffe/Jikes combo.  I promise I'll explain it later -
>+        // and add a real solution as well
>This is the first part of the promise.
>Gump currently places Xerces and various other stuff that can also
>be found in the JDK onto the bootclasspath to ensure it uses the
>latest versions.
>When Ant invokes an external compiler, it may pass the CLASSPATH
>it have been invoked with (depending on build.sysclasspath and
>includenantruntime), but it never passes the bootclasspath, so it
>swallows whatever is there.
>In the Gump/Jikes combination this means, Xerces is no longer on
>the classpath when Jikes runs.
>I think Ant's behavior is wrong and thus propose the following
>changes (that I'll perform unless you tell me I'm wrong):
>* If includejavaruntime is true in <javac>, add the full
>  bootclasspath of the current VM.
>* If build.sysclasspath has the value "only" (i.e. ignore all
>  classpath defintions in the build file, use the system), add the
>  full bootclasspath of the current VM.
>In both cases, if the external compiler supports -bootclasspath,
>add it there - otherwise add it to -classpath.
>This would apply to <javac> but also to <rmic>.
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