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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: [Patch] removed deprecated methods and changed variable scope (private-protected) ProjectHelperImpl
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 12:10:28 GMT
Kev Jackson wrote:

>> We will not be changing private to protected.
>> As much as possible all fields should be private and there should
>> be very few protected methods.
>> For current released code, it is not possible to change protected fields
>> to private fields due to BC consideration.
> OK, I agree that all fields *should* be private, but in these cases, 
> the fields are in inner classes (I never declare more than one class 
> in a source file, so I'm not sure that all of these are inner classes, 
> but bear with me), so the visibility of the field is restricted to the 
> Class that the inner class is in correct?  And as such it is actually 
> "private" to other classes even if it's declared protected.

Yes you are correct about the visiblity, however it is not
necessary to do this (even if eclipse does whine!).
The problem is that there will be a big pile of "good" protected keywords
when one is looking for "bad" protected keywords, the rule "no protected 
is easier to follow than "no protected fields, except where eclipse whines!"


> Or have I got my visibility/scope rules muddled.
>>> still showing 1700+ warnings/errors :(
>> but it is coming down! 8-)
> Slowly, very slowly!
> Kev
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