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Subject [Ant Wiki] Updated: AntNewbies
Date Thu, 09 Dec 2004 23:20:56 GMT
   Date: 2004-12-09T15:20:56
   Editor: ConorMacNeill <>
   Wiki: Ant Wiki
   Page: AntNewbies

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Change Log:

@@ -215,6 +215,8 @@
 Just got an App Server (mandated company standard) which needs EAR or War files . I have
a Servlet app running on another servlet engine and want to bundle it up as an EAR. How can
that easily be done in Ant. I currently delivery the servlet application in two jars, one
is third party so I dont have source for it, the other is all my code. There are config files
involved as well.
+'''Answer #5''' - You should use the <war> and/or <ear> tasks. Probably the best
thing is to create a war and use the <lib> element to include yor third party jar.
  ```Question#6``` How to Sort FileSets?
 I'm JUST starting out with Ant, so please forgive me.
@@ -222,6 +224,8 @@
 I know the documentation says you can't count on the FileSets task sorting your files.  But
this is exactly why I'm looking to something like Ant to handle my code compiles; I need them
 Has anyone come up with a workaround so that the files can be sorted alphabetically by name?
 Any plans for future Ant enhancements to support this?
+'''Answer #6''' - Well, not really an answer - more of a follow up question. Why do you need
your fileset sorted for compiles?
  ```Question#7``` How to have new .java files override existing .class files?

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