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From "R Smith" <>
Subject Performing a task besides e-mail upon failure
Date Wed, 20 Oct 2004 00:07:56 GMT
Hi.  I am trying to find out if you can use Ant to perform some alternative 
task besides e-mail if some of your main tasks fail.  More specifically, I 
am trying to do the following:

I am running an automated build process.  First, I increment a build number. 
  Then I pull code from Subversion and build.  Next, I run some unit tests, 
and after that I run FxCop.  If any of these tasks fail, I want to do more 
than simply send out an e-mail message.  That is, upon some failure, I want 
to use "svnlook" in Subversion to find out what developers have checked in 
since the last successful build and then send out e-mail with this 

In Ant, is there a way to invoke some task at the end like "svnlook" if 
something has failed?  Or do I need to use something additional to 
accomplish this, like batch files?

Thanks for any info on this.


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