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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: java1.5 seems to break unitreport
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 06:59:41 GMT
On Fri, 03 Sep 2004, Steve Loughran <> wrote:

> Looks like we have hard coded expectations of xlan that arent being
> met.

I don't think so.  It more looks as if the way Gump treats Xerces and
Xalan is triggering this.

smartfrog-tasks-test declares a dependency on Xerces, this will pull
xerces.jar and xml-apis.jar into the bootclasspath.  xml-apis.jar now
also contains a TraX factory that is configured to use Xalan by
default and since there is no Xalan on the bootclasspath will fail.

You could try a few things like removing the dependency on Xerces,
adding Xalan or specify ids="parser" on <depend> element for Xerces.

> Could be a classpath thingy, could be the new jre renaming things.

No, JDK 1.5 doesn't ship with Xalan 2.x at all, not even a renamed
version, they've switched to XSLTC.[1]



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