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From Stefan Wachter <>
Subject Re: new task to execute TeX
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 14:24:11 GMT
Steve Loughran wrote:

> Stefan Wachter wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I developed a simple task that can be used to process a fileset of 
>> TeX files. If you think that task is useful to others too, then you 
>> may include it in the Ant distribution. You may choose to change the 
>> package where I decided to place the task.
>> Cheers,
>> --Stefan
>>  <target name="pdf" depends="compile, context">
>>    <tex dir="${stammPdfBuildDir}" includes="**/*.tex" verbose="false" 
>> mode="context"/>
>>  </target>
> It is useful, but I dont think its core enough to go into the Ant 
> distro. We will happily link to wherever you host it, such as on 
> sourceforge. A <bibtex> task with it would be nice too.
> Couple of questions
> 1. how do you do dependency logic?
> 2. how do you know how many times to run tex?
> 3. what if I want LaTeX?
> -steve
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Hi Steve,

unfortunately, I have no "public" place where I can make that task 
available. Do you know some place out there that could be used? 
Regarding your questions:

1 (dependency check): I assume that for each source file (*.tex) a 
destination file is to be generated. The filename extension of the 
destination files can be configured and is defaulted to "pdf". I check 
for each source file if the corresponding destination file already 
exists and if it is newer. In that case TeX is not executed.

2 (repetitions): TeX is only executed once. Maybe this should also be 

3 (variants of TeX): I currently support two variants of TeX to be used: 
"pdflatex" and "context". Depending on the variants different commands 
are executed:

- for pdflatex: command = new String[] { "pdflatex", " &pdflatex 
\\nonstopmode\\input{" + srcFile.getName() + "}"};

- for context: command = new String[] {"texexec", "--silent " + 

maybe the command should also be configurable. For example naming the 
executable ("pdflatex", "texexec", ...) and the arguments. The arguments 
might contain a special token that is replaced by the filename of each 
file to be processed.


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