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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: APT Task
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 12:10:22 GMT wrote:

>>Obvious (to the IDE) bugs
>>1. AptCompilerAdapter   doesnt build on java 1.5 source. I've 
>>fixed it:
>>	Enumeration enum = options.elements();
> Checkstyle can find that:
> <module name="Checker">
>   <module name="TreeWalker">
>     <!-- 'enum' is a reserved word by JDK 1.5 -->
>     <module name="IllegalTokenText">
>         <property name="tokens" value="IDENT"/>
>         <property name="format" value="^enum$"/>
>     </module>
>   </module>
> </module>
> oops - I thought I had committed that. :)
> But the IllegalTokenText module is part of CS since 3.??.

I didnt run checkstyle. I have Intellij4.5 set to flag enum as an error, 
along with possible use of unassigned values. Does a good job of warning 
about package protected declarations too.

Apache axis has a real problem with enum, as there is a package with 
that name, a package whose classes are used in existing code. The 
migration to Java1.5 code is going to break everything. Maybe there we 
could do a devious trick of compiling that package with source=1.4, 
having all the classes inside delegating to moved implementations in a 
compatible axis.enumerations. package. Subclassers will be stuffed, but 
simple usage would still work. Life would have been easier if the 
classic C/C++ keywords had all been reserved (enum, union, struct, 
typedef,bool ...) just for the sake of potential future features.

On the subject of Intellij4.5, has anyone else noticed what an excellent 
editor it is for Ant1.6 coding? It understands imports. It understands 
about presetdefs and macrodefs and adds their declarations as new tasks. 
Up till now, JEdit has been my ant file editor of choice, but now I 
think IJ4.5 is going to take over.


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