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From "Rami Ojares" <>
Subject File Includer
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 12:42:05 GMT

I have a small tool that I thought might be useful in Ant.

You have a source file (srcFile)
Within that file you have references like:
blaa blaa ${path/to/another/file} blaa blaa

The tool resolves those paths to files and replaces
the references with the contents of files that were

And the resulting file it stores somewhere (not overwriting
the srcFile)

This could be called FileIncluder or something similar.

I though that maybe this could be done somehow with
the existing FilterChain framework but there is one
important requirement that makes it impossible.

Namely I want the lastModified time of the resulting file
to be set to the latest lastModified time of any of the source
files (srcFile or any of the included files).

I would like to get some comments of whether such task/type is considered 
useful and if so how to go about integrating it to ant.

- Rami Ojares

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