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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject Re: <macrodef> and local
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2004 23:22:25 GMT
You can mostly kindof do this now by extending the PropertyHelper class and
installing an instance in the ant.PropertyHelper reference. I've done this
with two tasks <isolate> and <overlay> and both seem to work for most issues
with scoped property modifications (inside macros or not).

While you wait for Ant 1.6.3 or 1.7(?), you might look at tweaking this
class...assuming such a feature gets add to the core source...

At 05:27 AM 6/17/2004, you wrote:

>I am now convinced we need local properties; without it macrodef doesnt 
>work fully.
>One option: in the <macrodef> declaration, you declare which properties 
>are local. When the macro exits these properties are deleted -if they were 
>not set before entering the macro.
>That is, properties set before the macro remain immutable, only those set 
>inside get reset.
>We'd need to do the cleanup on both a normal exit and a buildexception.
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The Wabbit 

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