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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: XSLT help?
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2004 22:01:20 GMT
> From: Jeff Tulley []
> >> Steve,
> >> I once looked through those and am somewhat familiar with them, as
> >> well as having an understanding of XSLT.  I can help you on this.
> >> I need to do something with this hard-earned but lately unused
> >> knowledge of XSL.  :)
> >excellent. i will commit the extra changes to the XML report once
> >I verify it is working, then its time to do some XSL work. I know
> >there is something ironic about an Ant developer being scared of
> >XML processing languages, but its such an ugly one :)
> I'd think it funny as well, but I know the language, and too painfully
> know how "ugly" it is.  I still haven't decided whether, given what I
> know now about XSLT, I would go through the learning curve again.  I
> guess it comes down to whether it turns out to be a valuable
> job-preserving / gaining skill someday.  My original need for it is now
> gone (a mountaineering club web site I no longer maintain).

FWIW, I've recently read parts of XSLT Cookbook from O'Reilly,
and learned a bunch of very useful techniques, which I've applied
to massaging the CruiseControl result page to group the changes
into change sets. Much better ;-)

Doesn't teach XSLT, but I've found it quite useful. For people
like me who like learning in books, and are already familiar
with XSLT without being XSLT Guru, I recommend it. --DD

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