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From David Kavanagh <>
Subject using <modified>
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 01:13:32 GMT
I'm playing with the <modifed> selector. I'm using it to build the 
cache, then compile code, then run it again to build a set of files that 
changed to do hotswap on.
Here is how I pre-load the cache.
   <!-- no-op copy to build modified cache -->
   <copy todir="build/classes">
       <fileset dir="build/classes">
           <modified seldirs="false" />

I'd put an if condition around this in the future...
Then... <javac...>
Then, my <hotswap>

   <hotswap verbose="true" port="9000">
       <fileset dir="build/classes">
           <modified seldirs="false" />

The <hotswap> target reports that it wants to swap all of the class 
files! The thing is, none had changed! It seems like the modified 
selector isn't using the file it already built!

Any ideas?


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