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From David Kavanagh <>
Subject hotswap almost there
Date Mon, 05 Apr 2004 03:51:30 GMT
I have a small jar file I can send around if people want it. It contains 
2 classes that make up the <hotswap> task.
The one problem I still have is file selection.
I can do something like this;

    <hotswap verbose="true" port="9000">
        <fileset dir="build/classes" includes="**/Hot*.class"/>
        <fileset dir="build/classes" includes="**/taskdefs"/>

This selects files and directories. Using the <tstamp> and 
<fileset><date/></fileset> construct would work if the granularity of 
those operations were fine enough.

I tried using <outofdate>, but it returns a list of classes with 
absolute paths. My task needs to know the base directory of the classes 
in order to derrive the fully qualified package name from the class file 
name. (i.e  c:/jdk/classes/java/awt/Graphics.class" would become 
Any ideas? I could just require the base class dir be passed into the 
task. That might work, but I thought it would be less flexible in the 
long run.


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