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From "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)" <>
Subject RE: Sql Task -- A comment and a diff
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 20:55:31 GMT
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> Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 1:29 PM
> To: Ant Developers List
> Subject: Sql Task -- A comment and a diff
> 1. The documentation for the Sql Task is, I believe, 
> inaccurate. It doesn't mention that
> the 'keepformat' attribute set to 'true' will eliminate the 
> effect of the REM, // and --
> comments.

I don't think it is accurate to say that the effect of REM, // and -- are eliminated when
the keepformat attribute is set to true. It might be more accurate to say...

When the keepformat attribute is set to true, the effect of REM, // and -- are determined
by the RDBMS  being used. In other words, if keepformat is set to true, it is up to the database
to decide what is or isn't a comment.

> 2. In any case, the attached diff should add the attribute 
> 'commentchars' which allow
> the user to choose the single string of characters which 
> constitute a line commenter
> when appearing at the head of the line. E.g.,
>      <sql commentchars="FOOBAR" ...
> will make "FOOBAR" the only string found at the head of a 
> line during processing
> which comments out the line.
> With this diff,
>      if (keepformat == false && (commentchars is_not_set))
> then the Sql task will behave as it does currently, removing 
> lines which start with
> REM, // or --

I think this would be a usefull attribute to add to the sql task. Please submit an enhancement
request to the bugzilla database and post the bug# to the list so that users can vote for
it. I will vote for this enhancement.

-Rob Anderson

> I have not fully tested this. If this is interesting to the 
> Ant project, I will procede
> to test it (or modify it in light of critique), and 
> subsequently submit a diff which
> includes the manual change. It seems a fairly obvious 
> attribute for the Sql task
> to present.
> --
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