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From "Stephane Bailliez" <>
Subject Re: <junitreport> slowed down by <properties>
Date Tue, 23 Mar 2004 23:42:08 GMT
"Dominique Devienne" <> wrote in message
> Others have reported this, but the fact that the XML logger
> for <junit> records the Java System properties used by that
> one test case considerably slows down the transform, and also
> takes lots of space.

I'm not sure that space or slowness is such an issue, it's just like saying
that the tests are slow...

> One of my projects forks 309 testcases. With <properties>, it
> adds up to 6.5 MB aggregated file. Without, it's 600 KB!!!
> Seems to me the properties are always the same for all tests,
> at least they should be before the test runs.

Design problem.
And it may be the case but it may not depending how you run all tests

> But the kicker is about the transform speed! By pre-processing
> the XML files to remove the <properties> element before the
> aggregation, it transforms in 61 seconds instead of 217 sec!

How long does it takes if you simply change the xsl file to avoid processing
properties ?

> BTW, I was pre-processing into .xmls files, and using the
> appropriate <fileset> in <junitreport>, but that task further
> restricts the fileset to only files ending with .xml, so it
> took me a while to figure out why my .xmls files were not used.

Fair enough.

> ALSO, <style> is *very* verbose, putting out a message for every
> single file it transforms, instead of something of the like of
> <javac> or <copy> that just say how many files they'll process.



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