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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Sshexec fail on starting a service (websphere)
Date Fri, 05 Mar 2004 10:11:27 GMT
Anderson, Rob (Global Trade) wrote:
> The sshexec task, jsch and ssh cannot be expected to anylize the output from a command
that is run. This is why there is an exit status. The example of echo is a good one. Echo
will succeed and report exit status 0 to the process that calls it. If you wish to anylize
the output of echo, you need to do this in the parent process.

While I agree with everything you say, the limited scope of exit codes 
really irritates me.

all we have to return errors and success is a number, a number that can 
also be used in different ways by java.exe, and which behaves 
differently on different boxes.

This code snippet from the LGPL smartfrog tasks ( show the 
problem. I am forking java, but java.exe can return things if it feels 
like it, so the program we fork knows to return -1 for an error -the 
switch statement should say 0==good, -1 error, else: trouble.

Only java1.4.2 on hpux seems to return 255 instead of -1 on exec. I can 
see a bit of platform specific details creeping in there, and it makes 
me unhappy.

         switch(err) {
             case 0:
                 //-1 is an expected error, but
                 //for some reason smartfrog on HP-UX returns something 
                 //so we catch 255 as well.
             case -1:
             case 255:
                 throw new BuildException(failureText);
                 throw new BuildException(errorText+" - error code "+err);

Can we ever move to a world where executed programs throw a full 
exception up to the caller, rather than just return a status code?

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