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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: roles, restricted types
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 16:59:55 GMT
On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Peter Reilly <> wrote:

> I have reactivated my code for restricted/roled types.

I think we need that in order to decompose ant.jar.

> The basic idea is that one can define a type that can only
> be used as a nested element in a type container. The type
> may not be used at the top-level.

Hmm, is the later restriction realy needed?  How about requiring a
qualification for them when they are used at the top level?

    <or id="needs.jdk1.3+"
      <filename name="${ant.package}/taskdefs/TestProcess*"/>
      <filename name="${optional.package}/extension/**"/>

Take a look at Ant's own build file, it uses <selector> which is a
simple container, but we may need something like this for conditions
as well.

> The user-level issues would be: Is the attribute "contact" a good
> name for this attribute

Even if spelled correctly ;-) I'm not convinced that contract is
something the user may understand.  role is probably better.  This
is not a very strong preference.

And I'd like to have shorter names, somehow. role="condition".

> Should this be a separate task and not typedef.

I don't have a problem with using typedef for it.


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