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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: ant/src/etc/testcases/types filelist.xml
Date Fri, 27 Feb 2004 09:58:34 GMT
Antoine Lévy-Lambert wrote:

> Peter Reilly wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have added a nested file element to filelist,
>> used as follows:
>> <filelist dir="${src.dir}">
>>   <file name="tasks/"/>
>>   <file name="tasks/"/>
>>   <file name="This is a file with spaces"/>
>> </filelist>
>> a) Is this change ok?
> Yes, it is OK. I do not understand too well the advantage of the 
> filelist with nested <file/> element

Well, the patch is just to make the filelist type operate correctly for 
filenames containing whitespace and ','s.

> compared to a fileset with nested include elements (or with nested 
> <filename/> selector arguments). Actually the nested include or 
> filename can also refer to very specific files,
> which also may or may not exist.

This is not quite correct, the fileset type removes the files that do 
not exist. The path type
allows files that do not exist to be specified. Most tasks however do 
not support the path type to specify files.

> Do we have tasks which support filelist(s) and do not support 
> fileset(s) ?

I do not think so.


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