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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 09:25:36 GMT wrote:
>>In any case I am starting to think about ant 1.7 and further.
>>Here are the points which spring to my mind :
>>1) local properties,
>>2) roles,
>>3) get the xdocs proposal out,
> The xdocs proposal is also on my interest-list (but that´s a 
> very long one - to long for the time, like everybody´s :-)
> On my turn it requires XDoclet-knowhow which I want to get
> (I want to introduce XDoclet in our build environment).
> Because I´m also a fan of Forrest, I can help here. Especially
> I want to look at <junitreport> to produce a Forrest-able format.
> But Stefan has got a good point: "As long as the output renders in the 
> browsers we want to support, which includes (e)links, and the site can be
> generated in finite time I'm fine with it."
> My experience with Forrest is, that is generates in a "finite" time -
> but needs a lot of it (but that was Forrest 0.4, hopefully it´s faster now).

I think forrest is good for static site generation; I am getting ready 
to move my work project ( to it from msword. Because you 
can plug in other transforms, we could have xdoclet generate source XML 
from the docs, and then use forrest to turn it into the site/printables.

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