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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject re: auto download of antlibs
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 19:16:12 GMT
In an earlier message Steve Loughran <steve_loughran () hpl ! hp ! com> 
<?a=107476724500001&r=1&w=2> said

 > OK, now that Ant1.6 has antlibs, it is time to think of the next 
step: auto download of antlibs and (perhaps) dependencies.

Importer from Krysalis does exactly this. It downloads, caches and 
imports build.xml files that I call antlets.

Some initial documentation is available at

This allows ant files to be a small as this.

- <#> <project name="ruper" default="all">
      <description>Depot Ruper is a Repository Updater</description>
      <typedef resource="org/krysalis/centipede2/ant/antlib.xml" />
      <property name="" value="ruper" />
      <property name="project.version" value="0.1-dev" />
      <property name="project.src.dir" value="src/java/core" />
      <importer name="init-0.1" 
href="" />
      <importer name="java-0.1" 
href="" />
- <#>     <path id="ruper.classpath">
- <#>         <fileset dir="lib">
              <include name="*.jar" />
      <target name="all" depends="compile" />

This will give you all the following targets.  compile, dist, clean,  etc. 

The source for the antlets are at

I have a krysalis-importer-0.5-alpha.jar  ready to go but Source Forge 
was down last night, so I won't be able to post until tonight.

Importer is a complete rewrite from the experience gained in the 
centipede project. 
It is a small target ZERO dependencies ant task. 
Importer is the my take at the simplest thing that would work.  More 
needs to be added.  I hope to get the depot ruper stuff integrated to 
handle mirrors and versioning.


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