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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: multi-result <mapper>s
Date Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:56:55 GMT
Antoine Lévy-Lambert wrote:

> I do not know whether it is 100% related,
> but there is an open bug 
> concerning the 
> <javac/> task
> in the case where the same source file is present in several source 
> paths.
> Will we be better fit to solve this problem with the new mapper 
> infrastructure ?

No I do not think so.
The issue with the javac task is I think the fact that it is a 
MatchingTask and cannot take
embebedd filesets as nested elements.

The person  wants to do this:

javac -sourcepath src1;src2 src1/x/ src2/x/

where src2/x/ and src1/x/ may exist, but the user does not want
to compile them.

A javac task with embedded srcfileset may look like this:
<javac destdir="classes">  <!-- note: no source dir set -->
   <srcfileset dir="src1"> <!-- note: this gets mapped to -sourcepath src1 -->
      <include name="x/"/>
   <srcfileset dir="src2" includes="x/"/>


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