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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Incorrect documentation of FTP task
Date Tue, 17 Feb 2004 01:05:35 GMT
I see that someone has tried to incorporate my suggestion for using the latest 
commons-net.jar in order to use ant's <ftp> task with NT-based servers.  
However, the documentation is not quite correct.  It says:

"To use the FTP task with Microsoft FTP servers, you need CVS HEAD of 
commons-net and jakarta-oro after 2004-02-01 or a release of commons-net 
after 1.1.0 and jakarta-oro after 2.0.8."

While it is true that the CVS HEAD of commons-net is required and while it is 
true that jakarta-oro is required (jakarta-oro is now required for any uses 
of the ftp task using commons-net), I don't believe it is true that 2.0.8 of 
oro is required.  As far as I know, any jakarta-oro verson greater than 
VERSION 2.0.1 will work.  Certainly, the latest commons-net code takes no 
special advantage of the latest oro-code.

So while users do need to get the latest commons-net code to take advantage of 
this, I think they don't really need to upgrade their jakarta-oro jar above 
what ant uses, although it can't hurt anything.

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