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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] Support for default ProjectHelper to expand propertie s in attributes to project/target tags
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 17:12:16 GMT
> From: Jose Alberto Fernandez []
> > From: Dominique Devienne []
> >
> > For maybe a little use case, we have different types of
> > tests, UNIT tests, GUI tests, DB tests, etc... each in its own target.
> >
> > The test target calls them all, by explicitly listing all the
> > test types. I'd happily write depends="test-*" insteall of
> > depends="test-UNIT, test-GUI, test-DB, ...".
> >
> Hummm, this looks like a foreach to me. Or more exactly
> using the new <for/> task of antcontrib (which I think it should be
> candidate to the 3rd party task of the year award).
> "Find all the target names into a property and then use for to execute
> the antcalls:
>    <for param="target" list="${test.targets}>
> 	<sequential>
>          <antcall target="@{target}"/>
>       </sequential>
>    </for>

Hmmm, you have to pay the expense of an <antcall>,
which is significant in speed but especially in memory,
and then you must be careful of property/reference inheritance,
and bypass the static target analysis.

> I use a script to look at target names and get those of my interest.

Thus you need a scripting language and bsf and write a script to
look up target names... I'm not that fond of such a solution.

> In other words, it seems all you may want to do can be done with
> the available tasks.

Without going to Perl-extremes, sometimes having multiple ways to
do something is a good thing, especially when one way is in the fact
very convoluted, requires lots of external tasks/code, and the
other way is cleaner, faster, uses less memory, and is built-in
without any external dependencies.

Which is why I still favor this enhancement. --DD

> > Anyways, maybe the patch writer would have a better use case ;-)
> Yeap.
> Jose Alberto

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