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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: ant xdocs proposals
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:18:54 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>"You guys" includes you, Antoine, as all Apache committers have commit
>access to the Gump repository.
OK - I need to study Gump.

>>or discuss a way forward to get this built ?
>I'd propose to set up a second xdocs project with the xdoclet
>dependencies replaced by <work> entries for the jars in Ant's CVS.
>That new project would build and the old will not as long as XDoclet
>doesn't build, but will use the latest XDoclet once it builds again.
Will try to set up the second project.

>>Other ideas/changes will come next : - generate the xdocs from ant's
>>build/classes directory + lib/optional (ie what has just been built)
>>rather than based on ${ant.home}
>ant.home is the location of the freshly compiled Ant, it get's set in
>the Gump descriptor.
The advantage of generating the xdocs from build/classes is that it 
makes the development cycle a bit shorter.
For instance, if you add a new task in your development workspace, then 
you can generate the xdocs as soon as you have compiled the class,
(and probably added it to without waiting for this 
class to be in your ant installation.

I stumbled against this because I have an installed ant 1.6.0 version, 
and it would not generate the xdocs for the Classloader and the Nice 
tasks which are 1.7alpha specific tasks.
I was first wondering whether it was due to some bug in xdoclet, I even 
downloaded the sources and was already dreaming :-(  of debugging ant + 
xdoclet to find out why I had ClassNotFoundException s
when processing Classloader and Nice.



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