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From Antoine Lévy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: ant xdocs proposals
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:03:57 GMT
Erik Hatcher wrote:

> But this is precisely the purpose of Gump, to find where the chain of 
> dependencies break that are hopefully transient because of 
> inter-project miscommunication or worse.  In the current run it looks 
> like JavaCC failed to build which is what underlies xjavadoc.
Fair enough.

> We probably ought to upgrade what we have in the lib directory to 
> XDoclet 1.2 Final - it is unlikely to change anytime soon from that 
> version.

>> Other ideas/changes will come next :
>> - generate the xdocs from ant's build/classes directory + 
>> lib/optional (ie what has just been built) rather than based on 
>> ${ant.home} (what has been installed, might be different)
> Sounds fair enough.
I still would like to do this

>> - use anakia to go from xml to html instead of dvsl . It will be more 
>> consistent with the rest of the ant docs, maybe will be helpful to 
>> generate tabs on the top of the page and content frames on the left
>> looking like what is there in the top level elements of 
> Or maybe Forrestize it?  But I'll leave the prettying up of this to 
> those that are good at that stuff :)
I have had a look at forrest and it looks nice. I am going to see if I 
can use it to convert the xdocs of the manual to html. Might take me a 
few days though.



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