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From Rohith Ashok <>
Subject ExecTask support multiple output Encodings
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 02:20:57 GMT

I'm working with Ant on z/OS, and I'm running ant with the following parms:

as a result Ant is running in "ASCII" mode, on the normally EBCDIC system.

When I use the ExecTask, the output stream of the subprocess
is EBCDIC, as it choses the system's encoding. Would a submission that included
the addition of an outputEncoding attribute on the ExecTask be entertained,
such that if the attribute exists a different Output stream is created. 

If that is not acceptable, could the:
    private ByteArrayOutputStream baos = null;

in ExecTask be made protected, as opposed to private, such that a class could
easily extend the ExecTask, and not have to rewrite the prepareExec to call a
new runExecute, since the one in ExecTask is final and could instead just
override the createHandler() method and change the  ByteArrayOutputStream in
the parent class.

If either solution is found acceptable, I can submit the code, if I'm going
about this the entirely wrong way, please let me know.


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