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From "Knut Wannheden" <>
Subject [PATCH] redundant quotes in
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 09:23:34 GMT

With a previous patch for I wrote to use the new ant-launcher.jar
I accidentally introduced some redundant double quotes in the command to be
executed.  As it turns out these quotes are more than redundant, they're
even wrong. If the user doesn't supply a target to run (i.e. run the default
target), the Python script passes "" as the target argument to Java.  This
is turn seems to cause Ant to run the top-level tasks and return with "BUILD
SUCCESSFUL".  Is this indeed the intended behaviour?

Anyway, this patch removes these spurious quotes.



begin 666 runant-python-patch.txt
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A:6YG+FIO:6XH<WES+F%R9W9;,3I=+" G("<I*0T*( T*

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