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From "Alex Kipman" <>
Subject RE: MSBuild vs Ant
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 08:31:04 GMT
I agree that there should not be any need for conflict. We happily 
coexist with NAnt after all. And as someone who does invoke big .sln 
builds of C++ DLLs from ant+Cruise control, I can only appreciate the 
addition of automation to the process. But you arent going to do C++,
>>> Wrong :).  We will support building C++ projects.  C++ projects are
not going to be in MSBuild format in the Whidbey timeframe (though they
will be in the Longhorn timeframe), however MSBuild will understand and
build both sln files as well as vsproj files directly.  We will be doing
this through a task called VCBuild which will be available for anyone to
use.  So for MSBuild projects we'll use the MSBuild task, and for C++
projects we'll use the VCBuild task.  A solution file when fed to
MSBuild is translated into an in-memory MSBuild project, and each
project listed in the SLN is fed to the appropriate task based on its

So please, let us try and coexist. You are a year from shipping and 
arent going to gain anything by criticising us today. I hope, therefore,

that we are going to see a slightly corrected chapter 2 up on csells's 
longhorn corner rather than the original.
>>> Thanks to csells, I have the soft copy of that chapter in my hands
as we speak.  I'll be reviewing it tonight and making it accurate.  You
can expect a very different version of it to be posted on the Longhorn
dev center in the coming weeks.  

1. I have some specific requests for ildasm; we cant control its 
behaviour properly. Can you send them on to the relevant person.
>>> Shoot them my way.  Those folks are near by and I can certainly pass
the feedback to them.  

2. consistency of command line options between tools (csc, vbc, etc), 
and between .NET and mono.
>>> Yeah, I share the feeling.  I'll add the +1 to the count of people
that have asked for that and will pass the feedback to the appropriate
compiler PMs... I wouldn't hold my breath on this one :)

oh good, maybe you can field support calls related to on 
win9x too :)
>>> haha very funny :)

Alex Kipman (
Program Manager
MSBuild Team

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