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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: MSBuild vs Ant
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 20:17:05 GMT
Alex Kipman wrote:

  We will support building C++ projects.  C++ projects are
> not going to be in MSBuild format in the Whidbey timeframe (though they
> will be in the Longhorn timeframe), however MSBuild will understand and
> build both sln files as well as vsproj files directly.  We will be doing
> this through a task called VCBuild which will be available for anyone to
> use.  So for MSBuild projects we'll use the MSBuild task, and for C++
> projects we'll use the VCBuild task.  A solution file when fed to
> MSBuild is translated into an in-memory MSBuild project, and each
> project listed in the SLN is fed to the appropriate task based on its
> type.  

Will the output of the .sln be at different log levels so that errors 
can be distinguished from warn from chitchat, and will that output be 
streamed? Today when you run msdev against a solution you get a silence 
and then 'exec failed with error code 1', leaving you a large log file 
to search through to find out what borke.

> 1. I have some specific requests for ildasm; we cant control its 
> behaviour properly. Can you send them on to the relevant person.

Ok. See the comments on to get a 
hint of the problem

1. if ildasm fails, it still creates a .il file containing the error text.

2. No way to control the name of any generated .res stub.

3. no way to control the location of any generated .res stub

4. gratuitous warning message
// WARNING: Created Win32 resource file ...

(1), (2) and (3) really make dependency analysis tricky.

Also, for ILASM, why do I need to know that the
	Source file is ANSI
	Operation completed successfully.

finall, for vbc, why use a different separator for referenced libraries 
than csc? He have excessive hoop jumping there and need to add some more 
to get things fully working.

I'll think of more later, no doubt.

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