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From "Florian G. Haas" <>
Subject Re: [SUBMIT] ProjectHelp - refactored project help output
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 19:50:39 GMT
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Hi again.

On Sunday 09 November 2003 01:25, Steve Loughran wrote:
| > Note:
| >
| > This is my first submission to a list I've only been lurking on for a
| > little while. I have tried to follow the Task Design Guidelines as
| > best as I could, but I would greatly appreciate any hints from more
| > experienced developers if I failed to follow proper procedure.
| dont worry, you followed the process to the letter; I am very impressed.
|   Add it as a bugrep and keep reminding people if nobody acts on it.

I take this as an open invitation from Steve to be a nuisance. :-) OK, here's 
the reminder. Have any of you had a chance to test this submitted task? If 
yes, I'd be grateful for any additional input on it, in case I forgot about a 
needed feature or did something in a not-so-elegant manner, requiring a 

One thing that did cross my mind in the meantime: if accepted, perhaps it 
would be a good idea to provide the alias "usage" for this task, the way 
"style" is an alias for "xslt". But that's just a minimal detail, of course.

| It
| sounds pretty good, and I will try and patch my version to see how well
| it works.

Mind telling me whether it did indeed work well, Steve?


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Florian G. Haas <>

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