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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: Vote: <local> for 1.6
Date Thu, 23 Oct 2003 09:37:58 GMT
> From: Stefan Bodewig [] 
> On 22 Oct 2003, Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
> > I haven't made up my mind on the feature itself
> OK, re-reading the description first, I don't like the
> ,----
> | The value part of <local> is optional, and  the local 
> property may be 
> | set by a subsequent <property>, <property> will only set it if the 
> | value is not set.
> `----
> part.  This means that whenever I find a <property> task I'll 
> have to search all possible scopes for a <local> element and 
> can't rely on it being global.
> What is the benefit of making <property> adhere to the 
> scoping set up by <local>?

Stefan, this is the whole point of <local>. If you do not have this
feature you can not use local properties in conjunction with any
task capable of setting a property (not only <property> but <condition>
and a million more that make some computation and then decide whether
to set a property or not). 

<local> is local, it cannot trasend targets since it is limitted in
The only way to get out of the scope of a target is by using one of the
derived tasks from <ant> (antcall, subant, foreach, etc) but when this
in the subproject the property is just as global as any other inherited
property (AM I WRONG HERE PETER?).

The only way you are in a situation where you may be using a <local>
out of context is when invoking a <macrodef> which is actually expanding
in place at the point of execution (i.e., within the body of the

I cannot see what is the real situation that you were referring to, when
you be in a case where you "find a <property> task and will have to
search all
possible scopes for a local" what are all these possible scopes. Can you
an example?

> I don't have any strong objections against the rest or the 
> implementation.

The only point of the rest of the implementation is to support the
feature above.

> So +0.5 (which can be turned into a +0.9 by explaining why 
> <property> should care about scopes 8-).
> Stefan

Jose Alberto

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